Church news for the week of Feb. 17

Published 5:37 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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Mt. Carmel No. 1 Baptist Church

There is not any better way that I can think of to celebrate Valentine’s Day than gathering in God’s house with other Christians.

For many, Valentine’s Day is a time for showing love to those special people in their lives. Bro. Travis continued God’s message to us from John 3:16 on “Love of God”.”

No human love can ever match this love. Love always give what we need, not what we want. This is what we have in the gift of Jesus Christ. He is what we need.

In the giving of Jesus, God turned the world upside down, but not in the way the people were expecting. The law did not offer the perfect way.

He did not give a long list of dos and don’ts because he knew man’s sinful nature could not fulfill them. The way he gave is simple and takes us as we are. It is offered and available to whoever will accept it.

We find this good news at the foot of the cross. What God gives satisfies whatever need you may have.

This love satisfies the full wrath of God. It paid the wages of past sin, present sin and all future sin.

The love of God satisfies a longing and void in man’s heart that nothing else can. It fixes the biggest problems, ceases strife, and brings peace to a troubled soul.

God’s love is a true love. Why would you turn so great of a gift away?

Going along with the message from John 3:16, our evening service began with Kaitlyn Burnette signing to the very inspiring song “What Love is This.”

Bro. Travis continued the message by reminding us even though things of society are getting complex and complicated, but the way to the cross is not.

The love of God has simplified the way of salvation for us. He did this because he loves us and wants us to know where our trust needs to be placed.

The message is simple and needs to be shared that God is love! He does not reject or turn away anyone that will accept this message. God loves sinful men.

On Saturday night, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Thanks to everyone that had a part in planning, decorating and preparing the food for this special time.

The children and youth did such a great job serving the adults. We are so proud of them.

Following the meal, we had a great time playing bingo. The food, fun and fellowship were enjoyed by all.

Each week we share names of those in our church that have special needs. Most of the time the needs are physical, but sometimes the need may be something that is not physical.

It is such a blessing to know that God can take care of any need we may have.

Our list this week includes Mary Ellen Campbell, Jennifer Watley, Lou Liveoak, George and Jean Campbell, Hilda Cary, Frances Higgins, Dee Roper, Mary Dean Higgins, Mary Maudlin, Leona Liveoak, Gladys Franklin, Elladene Mims, Virginia Church, Minnie Childress, Robert Childress, Derrick Griffin and several unspoken.

We had several praise reports telling of how God has answered prayers this past week.

Looking ahead to things that are happening: Saturday there will be a Brotherhood breakfast at 7 a.m. followed by a men’s workday; adult choir practice after Sunday evening service; a bridal shower for Abby Mueller and Jonathan Bowman will be held on Feb. 27; VBS Association Clinic at 7 p.m. March 15.

Submitted by Louise Liveoak

Rocky Mount Methodist Church

We look forward to celebrating the birth of our preacher’s first grandbaby, Ariel Rae Russo.

Next Sunday we will have our regular Sunday School at 10 a.m. followed by Worship at 11 a.m. and a Lenten lunch together with a bowl of soup.

We will shower Ariel and her mother, Mary Guin Russo, with gifts and love. You are invited to join us at 2 p.m. Sunday.

If you would like to help them get started but cannot make the shower, leave a message at the church office if would like someone to pick up your gift.

The Christian Broadcasting Network joined us last Saturday and did some filming for an upcoming segment on our gun range.

We enjoyed having them as our guests and look forward to seeing their presentation. They were very complimentary of our setup and the hospitality shown them.

Sunday’s scripture came from Luke 4:1-13 and was entitled “Temptation is at Every Corner.”

Just like all of us, Jesus was tempted, yet he did not sin. Jesus resisted Satan with the word of God.

So many popular people have fallen victims of temptation and fallen from their positions. We must know the scriptures and use them to resist, and you need to be aware of what God expects of you.

Study the scriptures and hold to the truth.

Submitted by Betty Janney

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

Announcements: A tentative date of Feb. 27 has been set for another live Radio Revival Broadcast from Cedar Grove Church with a local Clanton radio station.  Wednesday service begins at 7 p.m. entitled “Study On The Rapture” brought to you by Bro. Wayne Castleberry.

Prayer Concerns include our pastor, our church family, our radio broadcast, those in hospitals and nursing homes and for the spoken and unspoken request.

Pastor Jeff Carroll’s text came from John 17: 1-5 and was titled “The Three Prayers of Jesus.”

Prayer is a tool to reaching Jesus. Jesus is on the main line and we are praying for the anointing of God, courage, wisdom to understand God’s word, obey his guidance, to have the power of the Holy Ghost, be stronger in faith and more like Jesus.

Jesus’ prayer for himself: “Father the hour has come glorify your son, that your son may glorify you.” Jesus glory was at this point about to be put on the old rugged cross for us. This is eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

Jesus knew he could walk back through the door to the father. People are looking for glory in this world, but there is no greater glory than to be able to walk through the gates of Heaven.

After Jesus was placed in the tomb, he went down to hell, to take the keys to death, hell and the grave from Satan.

When Jesus was raised from the dead he was in a glorified body, Jesus said “And now O Father, glorify me together with yourself, with the glory which I had with you before the world was.”

Eternal life is only available through Jesus Christ. Eternal life is not a span of time, but there is no measurement to eternity.

Eternity is life in Jesus Christ, and a relationship with God. There is no limit if you know and believe in Jesus, you will never die.

Jesus has a great desire for us to make it to eternal Heaven. The soul that sins shall surely die, and though Jesus was void of all sin, he chose to die on the cross that we might be redeemed.

In closing, Jesus did all that he could so we could have everlasting life that so many care so little about.

Jesus desires that we be hot or cold, not lukewarm our lack of desire is what makes us lukewarm, a condition which will cause Jesus to have to say depart from me for I never knew you.

We are to strive to be more Christ like, have a relationship with God the father. We are to have no worry of time.

What do you suppose Jesus is doing, right now at this moment? He is making intercession for us. How is your prayer life?

Do you have Jesus on the main line? Do you have a relationship with Christ our Lord and Savior?

Submitted by Naomi Gillespie