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Caton nominated as commission chairman

Allen Caton was nominated on Monday night for a fourth year in a row to serve as the Chilton County Commission Chairman.

Commissioners held the annual nomination process at the beginning of their regularly scheduled commission meeting.

County attorney Hollis Jackson led the first portion of the nomination process by asking commissioners to nominate individuals for the position of chairman.

Commissioner Shannon Welch nominated Caton to serve as the chairman with no other nominations.

It was a unanimous vote for Caton to serve as the chairman, which he has done since 2012.

Former commissioner Tim Mims had served as commission chairman for four years and stepped down from the position in 2012 after nominating Caton for the job.

Caton has since held the title each year since being nominated by Mims in 2012.

Caton took over the nomination process to elect a vice chairman with commissioner Greg Moore nominating Joe Headley.

It was a unanimous vote for Headley to serve as the vice chairman.

In other news, the commission:

•Voted to approve Rodney Hurst as a part-time deputy with the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office to replace Chris Williams.

•Approved a resolution for Caton to sign all of the closings documents along with county administrator Connie Powell for the land purchase of 520 acres of land for an industrial park. County and city of Clanton officials voted in October to jointly purchase the land. The total purchase of the land would be $2,728,000 with the county and city each paying $1,364,000. The land is located near Interstate 65 Exit 212 and borders both the interstate and Highway 145. Access to the park would be from 145.

The property will belong to the city and county jointly until another organization can oversee the property is developed.

•Voted to approve a resolution requesting the Chilton County Industrial Development Board temporarily handle any correspondence that might happen with the industrial development land purchase until the commission and city of Clanton can form a board.

•Tabled a discussion regarding a contract between Minooka Park and the city of Jemison until the Nov. 23 meeting.

•Approved a resolution granting salary increases to the Chilton County Commission Office, Chilton County Janitorial Department and Chilton County Maintenance Department.

•Awarded a bid for pest control services for all county buildings to Connell’s Pest Control due to Connell’s being the most responsible bidder.

•Scheduled a work session for Nov. 16 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the county’s policies and procedures manual.

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