HARPO updates road projects

Published 3:23 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Numerous road projects in Chilton County were discussed at the Heart of Alabama Rural Planning Organization meeting on May 5.

The purpose of the meeting was to update individuals on construction and transportation projects.

Senior Geographic Information Systems analyst Marshall Farmer informed the nine attendees of the estimated time it will take to complete the projects listed.

Those in attendance included Thorsby Mayor Jean Nelson, Industrial Development Coordinator Fred Crawford, Regional Planning Commissioner Laurel Land, Chilton Transit Coordinator Jessie Carter, and several local engineers.

Many of the road maintenance projects had been completed since the last meeting in November 2014, while several others were pushed back to a later date.

State Assistant Region Engineer Dee Rowe said that it was difficult to pinpoint an estimated starting date for many of the projects because of the extensive engineering process that must take place before construction can begin.

“People need to understand that the pre-construction process can take anywhere from 18-24 months, whereas the actual construction process may take approximately a month,” Rowe said. “We can’t just go out there and start resurfacing a road without doing prior research. There’s a lot of measuring and planning that has to happen before a bridge replacement, or any type of road maintenance.”

In the event of bridge replacements, there are several environmental and historical requirements that must be approved before construction of the bridge.

For example, the construction can not interfere with the habitat of endangered species that live near the bridge.

In addition to the economical research, there must be a set agenda on the way in which the grant money will be utilized.

Because the projects rely on state and federal funds, it is not initially up to county engineers to accept or deny an assignment.

Rowe said that state legislation has recently transferred a great deal of money from transportation projects to other funds such as court systems and corrections.

She advised citizens to voice their opinions concerning the roads with state legislators because it is becoming difficult to maintain the roads in Chilton County due to a lack of funds.

“If you have an opportunity, talk to your legislators about the transferring of funds,” Rowe recommended. “Frequent maintenance of roads saves people money because it cuts down the number of car repairs needed.”

Farmer stated that bridge replacements would be the top priority once funds are met.

To view periodic changes in the status of road projects for Chilton County, visit The Alabama Department of Transportation’s webpage at http://www.dot.state.al.us/.

The following is a list of projects with their current status, as they were discussed in the meeting:


Under construction

•Resurfacing County Road 42 from State Route 3 (US Highway 31) to CR-51 and bridge replacement on County CR-42 over Yellow Leaf Creek in Jemison: $1,356,000

•Bridge replacement on SR-145 over Yellow Leaf Creek: $1,329,000

•Resurfacing and 2-inch safety widening of SR-22 from the Dallas County line to Maplesville SR-6 (US Highway 82) overpass in Chilton County: $2,204,000

•Intersection improvements on SR-3 (US Highway 31) at SR-22 and SR-145 in Clanton: $1,051,000

•Intersection improvement on SR-3 (U.S. Highway 31) at SR-191: $973,000



•Resurfacing, striping, guardrail, and culvert replacement on Lake Mitchell Road (CR-28) from Nell Street to I-65: $432,000

•Resurfacing SR-145 from East of the junction of SR-3 (U.S. Highway 31) to the junction of I-65: $2,073,000

•Resurfacing SR-191 from 1 mile south of CR-36 to SR-3 (U.S. Highway 31) in Chilton County: $3,784,000

•Resurfacing and 2-inch safety widening on SR-191 from SR-22 to Milepost 6.0: $1,107,000

•Resurfacing and 2-inch safety widening of SR-6 (U.S. Highway 82) from Bibb County line to 0.3 mile east of Mulberry Creek: $3,623,000



•I-65 Resurfacing from SR-3 (U.S. Highway 31) to SR-145: $12,865,000 (2016)

•I-65 Resurfacing from Autauga county line to SR-3 (U.S. Highway 31, Exit 205): $14,370,000 (2017)

•Curb and ramp installation only on state routes at various locations in Bibb and Chilton counties: $69,000 (indefinitely)

•Bridge replacement on SR-145 over Waxahatchee Creek: $1,919,000 (2017)

•Bridge replacement on SR-155 over CSXT Railroad: $1,081,000 (2016)

•Rest area rehabilitation along SR-6 (U.S. Highway 82) north of SR-22 in Maplesville: $2,758,000 (indefinitely)


Pre-construction/engineering phase

•Bridge replacement on CR-2 over Mahan Creek: $464,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-214 (Kieser Morgan Road) over spur of Mulberry Creek: $296,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-232 over Benson Creek: $341,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-255 (Johnny McKinney Road) over River Branch: $200,000

•Resurfacing on CR-29 from CR-48 to CR-42: $440,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-32 over Walnut Creek: $530,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-352 over Little Mulberry Creek: $168,000

•Adding a culvert on CR-42: $317,000

•Add turn lane on CR-42 and CR-44: $305,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-478 (Dixie Camp Road) over Cargile Creek: $296,000

•Bridge replacement on CR-535 over Mountain Creek: $168,000

•Widening, resurfacing, striping, and guardrail on CR-59 from West of rights-of-way limits of CSX railway in Verbena, west to CR-24: $2,536,000

•I-65 resurfacing from SR-145 to CR-51: $875,000

•I-65 resurfacing from CR-51 to Shelby County line: $468,000

•Guiderail installation on I-65 from Autauga County line to Walnut Creek: $1,708,000

•Guiderail installation on I-65 from Walnut Creek to Shelby County line: $2,519,000