Clanton Council holds public hearings for rezoning

Published 5:28 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Clanton’s City Council on Monday held public hearings about proposed rezoning of two pieces of property in the city.

Rezoning of the first property, about 40 acres located off Highway 145 near Interstate 65 Exit 212, was approved unanimously.

The property is the site of a planned hospital, which will be built with taxpayer funds.

No one was present to oppose the rezoning, which changes the property from agricultural to commercial.

The council voted to suspend the rules to bring on the rezoning for immediate consideration, then completed the rezoning.

The second proposed rezoning was not approved.

The owner of the property, located off Highway 31 North adjacent to Clanton Villas apartments, wanted the property rezoned to a classification that would allow for the construction of apartment buildings, so that the property could be sold to a developer.

Several people who live near the property in question were in attendance to oppose the rezoning.

The residents expressed concerns about a negative effect on property value and increased traffic.

The council voted unanimously to deny the rezoning request, which was also the position taken by the city’s zoning board.

In other business, the council:

•Approved a Class 2 package store liquor license for RKGill, at 2648 Lay Dam Road. Also, the council read a restaurant retail liquor license application for Bernard’s House of Blues. The license would have to be approved at the council’s next meeting.

•Approved Police Chief Brian Stilwell’s recommendation to buy 33 video cameras that will be worn by officers while on duty. The cameras will cost about $250 each, Stilwell said, and will be paid for with funds that came from the sale of a vehicle seized in a drug arrest.

•Approved another recommendation from Stilwell, to declare Tiger, a drug sniffing dog for the department, as surplus and transfer ownership of the dog to its longtime handler, Donald Giles. The dog is no longer able to perform its duties because of age and health issues.

•Discussed the possibility of purchasing Tasers for officers to provide weapons that offer non-lethal force. Councilman Greg DeJarnett recommended Stilwell look into the possibility of purchasing Tasers.

•Approved the transfer of Darrell Stone from the water department to the street department. DeJarnett abstained from the vote because he is related to Stone.

•Approved the hire of Cornelius Jenkins to a full-time position in the sanitation department.

•Approved U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer opening a satellite office at 703 Second Ave. N.

•Approved the minutes from the Dec. 22, 2014, meeting, with the addition of notes about the council being addressed with complaints about two properties in the city.

•Approved the paying of appropriate bills.