Current leash law not being enforced

Published 9:24 am Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear editor:

Regarding the leash law, I live in Thorsby, and we have a leash law already. The problem is it is not being enforced.

In February of this year, my beagle was on a leash in our backyard when a neighbor let their three pit bull dogs off their leash.

The dogs then came on our property and attacked my dog, almost killed him, and it cost my husband $810 to keep our dog from dying.

The owner of the dogs got a fine to pay, but he never showed up in court.

Why have laws if they aren’t getting enforced? We have a disabled son who doesn’t walk or talk. He was outside the day this happened.

What if the dogs had run by and attacked our son?

Mona Martin, Thorsby