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FBI, ABI helping investigate Thorsby robbery, kidnapping

Federal and state law enforcement agencies are assisting Thorsby Police Department with the investigation of a robbery and kidnapping on Sunday.

None of the three victims in the case were seriously injured, TPD Chief Rodney Barnett said.

The alleged crimes were committed at two different residences, one at Third Street and another at Jones Street.

Barnett said investigators are searching for at least two suspects.

One of the victims was kidnapped at the Third Street residence, taken to the Jones Street residence and later released outside Thorsby town limits.

Barnett said his department has taken on a supportive role for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We’re certainly helping out in any way we can,” he said. “We’re running down some leads right now. There are no arrests that I’m aware of at this point.”

Alabama Department Public Safety Sgt. Steve Jarrett confirmed ABI’s role in the case but declined to provide any details.