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Commissioners and humane society board hope to reach common ground

Commissioners scheduled the work session to talk about funding arrangements after the board of directors for the humane society voted to discontinue funding arrangements with the commission.

The decision from the board came in the form of a letter addressed to commissioners as well as all municipalities and police departments on March 8.

The letter stated the humane society would no longer accept the county’s monthly check of $1,075 and all residents outside of the city limits in Maplesville, Clanton, Thorsby or Jemison would be required to pay a $40 intake fee for animals dropped off to the shelter.

Humane society director Scott Missildine said he was happy with the way the work session went due to everyone being on the same page.

“I think we were all able to get a little bit more clarity with some of the issues and problems we have had,” Missildine said. “The commission was receptive to what we had to say and overall I think everything went really well.”