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Jemison hopes to establish guidelines for cemetery

Reed pointed out the cemetery has a rich history with many of the headstones dating back before the 1900s and estimates more than 100 graves are currently at the cemetery.

According to Reed, whatever price the council decides to give the leftover plots will be based on what funeral homes in the area charge for their plots. Reed also made it clear the city would not take the money as profit for the plots sold.

“We will have to take the money we make for the plots and pay for upkeep of the cemetery,” Reed said. “The money made for the cemetery will not be for profit.”

The city also owns Holly Grove Cemetery on U.S. Highway 191.

Reed said the city doesn’t mind taking ownership of the cemetery but decisions will have to be made quickly on reasonable costs for the remaining plots.

“We inherited the cemetery due to maintaining it,” Reed said. “Now, it is our job to continue to maintain it and we are going to discuss everything and come up with a plan to move forward with this.”