Schools add weight rooms

Published 5:41 pm Monday, July 30, 2012

Both local high schools are benefiting from new athletic facilities.

Thorsby High School’s new athletic facility has just recently been completed.

Strength and conditioning coach Keith Williams said the athletic department started talking about this new facility four years ago, but fundraising did not begin until 2010.

The new facility has 5/16-inch turf, which will allow for indoor training during inclement weather.

Williams said, though they could not run deep passing plays or special team sets in the facility, they would be able to practice short passing routes and running plays in the building.

Thorsby received four new safety racks, which include benches, new weights and bars. The facility also contains equipment that will not necessarily build muscle but will prevent sports-related injuries.

The Rebel cheerleaders were the first to use the facility, as they held practice there in early June. The other student-athletes began using the facility on July 9.

Williams said that the new facility has given Thorsby’s three-time defending state champion weightlifting team even higher expectations going into the next weightlifting season. With more room, the Rebels should be able to work out more athletes at a quicker pace than ever before.

“We are very thankful to the community, parents and sponsors we had,” Williams said on behalf of the school’s athletic department.

THS is already working on converting their old weight room into a locker room. The old weight room was used as the varsity football locker room, but lockers were confined to only about 50 percent of the space available. The other half of the space was used as the weight room.

Jemison High School will be finishing work on their new multi use facility at the end of the summer.

The new 5,000-square foot facility will be available to use for the entire student body.

Jemison Quarterback Club member Brad Jackson said that when they finish the facility, “the keys will be handed over to the principal and athletic director.” He added that the multi-purpose facility is “another benefit to the students.”

He said that having another indoor facility would allow teams and other groups to use it instead of having to fit into the gymnasium and auditorium.

He said, for example, the baseball coach could use the facility instead of the baseball field if he wanted to have early morning pitching practice or if the archery team needed somewhere to shoot, the facility would allow for it. He said that the facility is not just for the football team but also for the whole athletic department and student body.

The facility has new restrooms that patrons can use whenever they attend sporting events at Jemison High School. The new facility is located near the football stadium, next to the field house.

Chilton County circuit clerk Glenn McGriff and Sen. Cam Ward were instrumental in getting the $25,000 grant a year and a half ago that allowed them to begin raising funds. Jackson also added that club President Joey Gillespie, Vice President Mark Bolton, Adam Plier and the rest of the club members were major parts of the fundraising process.