Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of April 8

Published 4:13 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from March 28-April 3:

March 28

•Criminal trespass-first degree: Jemison

•Illegal possession of prescription drugs: Highway 31, Verbena

•Death investigation: County Road 152, Jemison

•Driving under the influence of alcohol: Enterprise Road, Clanton

•Lost drivers license

•Assault-third degree: County Road 241, Clanton

•Burglary-third degree, arson-third degree: County Road 232, Clanton

•Causing delinquency, dependency or need of supervision of children; minor in possession of alcohol: Southbound Rest Area, Clanton

•Child custody: Clanton

March 29

•Reckless endangerment: County Road 24, Verbena

•Property damage: Texaco, Verbena

•Harassing communications: County Road 93, Verbena

•Overdose: County Road 61, Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: Thorsby

March 30

•Overdose: County Road 34, Clanton

•Possession of marijuana-second degree: I-65, Jemison

•Assault-third degree: Maplesville

•Property damage: I-65, Clanton

•Theft of property-third degree: Montevallo

•Giving false identification to law enforcement officer: Intersection of County Road 46 and County Road 121, Jemison

•Theft of property-second degree: Clanton

March 31

•Theft of property-first degree: County Road 622: Clanton

•Theft of property-second degree: Clanton

•Suicide: County Road 42, Jemison

•Criminal trespass-second degree, burglary-third degree: Highway 201, Montevallo

•Assault-third degree, attempting to elude a police officer, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest: County Road 73/County Road 54, Montevallo

•Harassing communications: County Road 37, Thorsby

•Domestic incident: County Road 61, Clanton

April 1

•Unwanted guest: Clanton

•Domestic dispute: County Road 349, Maplesville

•Motor vehicle accident/property damage: County Road 349, Maplesville

•Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle: Montevallo

April 2

•Theft of property-first degree: County Road 107, Jemison

•Theft of property-third degree: Verbena

•Criminal mischief-second degree: Clanton

•Theft of property-first degree: County Road 36, Maplesville

•Possession of drug paraphernalia: County Road 47, Clanton

•Consensual search of residence: Ellison Road, Jemison

•Domestic violence-third degree: County Road 853, Maplesville

•Harassment: County Road 856, Jemison

April 3

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree, theft of property-third degree: Clanton

•Road hazard: County Road 417/County Road 410, Clanton

•Identity theft: Clanton

•Harassing communications: Clanton