Jemison native records gospel song

Published 9:49 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlie Smith, originally from Jemison, now a resident of Pell City, has just released his first gospel single to radio and the media.

The song, titled, “How Close Are You to God?” is from his upcoming album titled “The Foundation of Faith.” The single was recorded in Nashville at the Moonlight Recording Studio using some of Nashville’s finest studio musicians.

Smith, who has enjoyed success as a country singer and songwriter, says the gospel song came to him and was written in a very short time.

“I grew up singing in church,” Smith said, “and the foundation of all my music came from my gospel roots and I truly believe this is God directing me back to where I started.”

Smith, who has written hundreds of gospel, country and Southern rock style songs, intends to write all the songs for the upcoming album. His songs are published through BMI via Charlie Hathcox Publishing.

Smith’s love for music began when he was only 3 years old. He would listen to the radio, learn the songs and sing along. Every time a new song came out, Smith learned it and before long he was singing along with a number of artists doing a variety of styles of music.

Smith’s entrance into the world of professional music happened when he was only 15. He had heard a band was looking for a drummer, and he applied and got the job.

One afternoon, a man heard the band playing and offered them a job at his club. It was the beginning of a lifelong series of appearances on stage.

Having learned so many songs at a young age gave young Smith the inspiration to start writing his own songs.

“I thank God for the gift of writing songs and singing,” Smith says. “God gave it to me, and I want to give it to the world.

“I have never been so excited about a song in my entire career, and I am looking forward to the response from radio, the media and the fans.”