CCHS revives Skills and Drills Camp

Published 5:31 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coach Cain Young instructs players at Chilton County High's basketball camp Wednesday

Chilton County High School is holding its Skills and Drills Basketball Camp this week, in the CCHS gym.

The camp, which is open to children ages 7 to 12, was not held last year. Coach Cain Young said his main goal in reviving the camp was to build up the camp itself as well as the players who attend.

“We’re just trying to grow the camp over time,” he said. “We’re trying to grow the kids too.”

Cain said he hoped the four-day camp could encourage those who participated to keep playing basketball, and maybe even one day playing for his Tigers. He also said the main thing focused on at the camp were the basic fundamentals.

“We work on fundamentals, and we throw some contests in,” he said. “We have a free throw contest, a hot shot contest, and we work on ball handling. It’s stuff that they can take home and do in their driveway.”

While Cain is impressed with the turnout of around 25 campers, he said he hopes one day it could be even bigger.

“I’d like to have 50-60 attend a camp or even have two camps, one for older players and one younger ones,” he said. “We just want to keep growing this thing.”