Board decides against uniforms in close vote

Published 8:39 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A proposed school uniform policy will not be implemented countywide, as voted on at the Chilton County Board of Education meeting held Tuesday.

The vote was 3 to 4, with President Joe Mims, Ann Glasscock and Ann Thomas voting in favor of the policy; and Chris Davis, Howard Daughtery, Curtis Smith and George Walker voting in opposition.

Eight Chilton County residents stood before the board and presented their opinions on why they felt the countywide policy should not be implemented.

“I like the idea, but I think it is unnecessary; just enforce what we already have,” said Alicia Karschnik.

“If you can put uniforms back in, let’s put prayer back in school,” said Rachel McCord.

“This is a very big deal because this is another way that our rights can be taken away,” said Doyle Pierce.

Glasscock made the recommendation to approve the Chilton County Uniform Dress Code, and Thomas seconded it. During the discussion, board members voiced their opinions regarding the policy.

“I don’t have a problem with having a uniform policy,” said board member George Walker. “But I think we ought to keep the old policy and give the schools the opportunity to decide whether they want to have a uniform policy.”

“We gave Jemison that opportunity a year ago,” said board member Howard Daugherty.

Glasscock and Thomas said they have received several calls from people who are in favor of the policy.

Sue Gilliland, the Verbena teacher who held the open meeting regarding the policy at the Chilton County Courthouse, said she was pleased with the board’s decision.

“It’s a win-win situation and a combination of many people’s voices being heard in different places,” said Gilliland. “The board listened to the people that voted for them. I can’t do anything but respect that.”

In other business, Hayden said future items he wants to bring before the board is a dress code policy for teachers and a policy limiting cell phone use by teachers.

“If students can’t ask teachers a question because they’re texting, it’s a problem,” said Hayden.