Jemison to move court time

Published 10:14 pm Monday, February 21, 2011

The Jemison City Council voted Monday to move the time for its municipal court from 4 p.m. to 1 p.m.

The move, which was a recommendation from Judge D. Craig Cleckler, could save the city more than $5,000 per year, Mayor Eddie Reed said, because police officers and the city clerk will be able to work during regular business hours instead of being paid overtime.

In other business at a regular meeting, the council:

•Annexed land off Smith Road, in the southwestern part of the city.

•Assured Jemison High School tennis coach Benton Morton that the tennis courts at city park would be resurfaced beginning Tuesday. The work was supposed to begin Monday, but Morton attended the meeting because it did not.

“We were just looking at our budget to make sure it’s there,” Reed said about the $13,000 project.

Before hearing the council promise the courts would be resurfaced, Morton thanked the council for new restroom/concession facility at the park.

•Accepted the resignation of police officer Josh Hughes and changed officer Andy Sutley from part-time status to full-time to make up for the loss.

•Purchased a full-page advertisement in both the Peach Festival program and in the East/West all-star baseball program for a combined $300. Both publications are projects of the Clanton Lions Club.

•Accepted bids on a new pumper for the city’s fire department. The council also approved the low bid of $241,850 from NAFECO. The department received $294,000 in two grants in December 2010.

•Adjusted water bills for Melvin Melton, Harrison Price and Peter Sardellis.