Thorsby plans many projects in new year

Published 10:19 pm Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ending 2010 with plans and projects in the making, the town of Thorsby is looking to have a prosperous year ahead.

From grants to new developments, the town is in the process of making adjustments for the betterment of its residents.

“We’re going to do everything we’ve been doing—we’re not dropping services or community events,” said Mayor Dearl Hilyer. “We’re working on things that will benefit merchants, the town and school.”

The biggest project for the town this year is the development of a Dollar General store to be located off Highway 31. And soon, Thorsby will no longer be a town; it will have enough residents to be known as the city of Thorsby.

“I feel good we will become a city and no longer be a town,” said Hilyer. “It’s a positive thing. It will give us recognition and put us in a different status when competing for grants.”

Welcome signs will be placed on county roads at the entrances of the town on Pates Chapel, Collins Street and Alabama Avenue.

At the bottom of the signs, information regarding athletic state championships will be listed, Hilyer said.

Other renovations and additions will be made to the town as well.

One mile of road— which road is undetermined— will be resurfaced, and town-owned parking areas at Mizzell’s, Marcus Insurance Agency and the parking lot behind Hair Design on Main Street will be resurfaced with asphalt.

The town also has the $250,000 bridge and asphalt project at West Medical Center Drive that will begin in the spring.

The Alabama Department of Transportation and CSX project to put safety gates on all railroad crossings could start at any time, Hilyer said.

“It’s going to look like we have a lot going on here because a lot of these projects will begin in the late spring,” said Hilyer. “Since we will already have the company here asphalting the bridge at West Medical Center, we’re going to go ahead and get them to do our road as well.”

Thorsby Town Hall will also receive an upgrade.

A new server and software will be installed, and minor renovations will be made to reopen the drive-thru to help aid the flow of business and also to give the clerks a better sense of security when handling business, Hilyer said.

The Thorsby Police Department has received numerous upgrades recently.

All police cars will be equipped with video cameras and computers and E-Crash systems, and the department has received two laptop computers, software and printers.

Despite the new projects in progress, the town has not borrowed money since Hilyer has been in office.

The town is approaching $300,000 in grant money received and has only had to match $4,400.
“We have no new debt, and our old debts are paid,” said Hilyer. “We still have our CD for half a million dollars that has not been touched.

“This is the biggest year since I’ve been in office.”