Police report burglar capture

Published 10:36 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2010

By Theadoris Morris

Maplesville police reported the capture of an alleged repeat burglar at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

An investigation of numerous burglaries is now closed after James C. Atchison of 174 Reynolds Street in Maplesville confessed after being picked up from his job and questioned.

Police began their investigation after noticing the back door of the Maplesville Library repeatedly being open and computers being left on, where “inappropriate” websites were viewed.

Police had an idea of who the person was and after viewing the library’s surveillance tape and getting an actual footprint from powdered cement, took him for questioning.

Also discussed, Maplesville received a sidewalk and street lighting grant last summer and will begin construction mid-November.

The construction was scheduled to begin last July, but a guide wire from a power pole delayed the process.

Because of the delay, the funding was temporarily pulled, but now will be released in October.

“We’re excited because people who like to walk can walk on a nice sidewalk in a well lit area,” said Wallace.

In other business, the fire department will be getting a red LED Light Bar for its 1993 fire truck that will be more efficient for warning signals of accidents and will provide less strain on the fire truck’s battery.