West End Watch holds community meeting

Published 9:07 pm Thursday, September 2, 2010

The West End Neighborhood Watch sponsored a community meeting Thursday evening, where Clanton leaders talked about recent developments in the community and residents had a chance to ask questions or offer suggestions.

City Councilman Greg DeJarnett, who represents West End’s district, spoke about recent projects completed in West End, and Police Chief Brian Stilwell and Fire Chief David Driver talked about their departments’ work.

DeJarnett spoke about recent renovations at West End Park, including new sidewalks and a concession stand, as well as added lights. He also talked about renovations at the old E.M. Henry School, which houses Head Start.

“When we’re all done, this will be a facility we will all be proud of,” DeJarnett said.

The councilman also talked about the $500,000 sewer grant and the demolition of abandoned houses.

Stilwell spoke about his department hiring officers to work specifically with the housing authority and West End. He also talked about technology upgrades and highlighted several crime and traffic statistics.

Driver talked about recent upgrades in the fire department, too, plans to build a third fire station and how his department lowered the city ISO rating from 6 to 5, potentially saving residents on their homeowners’ insurance.

Residents also shared concerns about parking, lack of activities for young children, trash and crime.

Community Watch organizers hope to make the meetings a quarterly event.
Watch members and leaders encouraged people to start attending meetings.

“I want to encourage everyone here tonight to get involved,” said DeJarnett.