Lesson in safety taught by tornado

Published 6:05 pm Friday, March 26, 2010

We’re thankful no one was injured by the tornado that touched down Thursday night in Clanton.

The twister did damage one home, off Littlejohn Road. Chris Parker and his young daughter, Raelyn, were in the living room when Raelyn heard a severe weather siren. Parker looked out the door, saw the tornado coming at his home and was able to get himself and his daughter down to the basement before the tornado hit.

Though there is a hole in the roof, Parker’s home is still standing. Still, there easily could have been enough damage to injure the father or the daughter had they not gotten to a safe place.

As with many kinds of disasters, the prevailing attitude is “it won’t happen here.” Thursday night’s tornado proves it can happen anywhere.

It is the perfect reminder—no one was hurt, but there is a definite lesson to be learned—to take the precautions necessary to keep ourselves safe.

Pay attention to severe weather warnings, and, when they come, have a plan to get to safety.