Worth the confusion

Published 10:47 pm Monday, February 8, 2010

“Bill you are crazy. Lloyd Harlen will beat your eyes out.” It was really the first time I had even thought about it.

Billy Joe Minor was building us a boathouse when I suggested that he take a break. “Come on up and have a cup of coffee, and maybe I can get Lavada to fix us some lunch.” He was serious. You see, he had not met my Lavada yet. We really had a good laugh, and it has happened a lot since then.

What is the significance, you might ask? About 45 years prior, I had fallen “head over heels” for the most beautiful girl in the world from Rocky Ridge—her name was Lavada. Hey, I even asked her to wait until I got out of the Navy. She said yes. I waited…she didn’t. She left me to try to figure that one out aboard an aircraft carrier on the high seas. I don’t recommend that for anyone. It sure was lonely out there. There was a long story in between.

Here’s where it gets good. One afternoon, while I was still living on the lake (it seemed like every place was lonely then), my phone rang, and a voice on the other end says, “Guess who this is?”

She really caught me in one of those weak moments as she whispered her name! Could anyone believe that after all those years… Would I forgive, take her back?

She had heard that I was divorced at a recent family reunion, and so was she—well, sort of.

Folks, I mean I had not even seen or heard from her in all this time! Somehow, it finally came out. “Come on down.” You see, she was in Kansas!

She was still just as pretty. She had a few “skeletons in the closet.” As did I, but we are still working on those, between the honeymoons.

About the other Lavada, you ask. When I moved down to Lake Mitchell, Lavada Harlen owned a restaurant on the lake, and the name was “Lavada’s!” She had long been retired, but the name of the restaurant remained Lavada’s after she leased it out. So I guess since the name is so uncommon, folks just assumed. I don’t know, but trust me, there is not a fair comparison.

When my Lavada first came down here, almost everyone I introduced her to responded, “Oh yes, I know, I have eaten at your place lots of times.” What’s funny is that some folks that she has known since she was here still mention her restaurant!

As you might know, my beautiful bride that won you all over with her sweet smile and personality has been stricken with a terrible illness for about a year now. This has been a terrible blow to us. We appreciate your kindness and concern, and please keep us in your prayers.

Lavada has made lots of friends here that she loves very much, and she’s so happy to tell folks that she is from Chilton County. You have been good to us, and we love you.