County Web site traffic way up

Published 9:51 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More and more people are learning about Chilton County via the Internet.

Traffic to Chilton County’s Web site has skyrocketed, prompting the county commission to renew its contract with Web developer Racon Marketing Group during Monday’s meeting.

The number of hits to has increased from 65,000 under the old Web master to 2.2 million, said Ray Smitherman from Racon.

The county commission asked the company to explain why no ads had been sold on the Web site, which was a selling point when the county decided to contract with Racon to build and maintain the site.

Commission chairman Tim Mims said the county was told ads would be sold, which would eventually pay for the site’s upkeep.

Smitherman said businesses didn’t support the idea.

“The trend was just not there for any city or county Web site in the nation (to have ads),” Smitherman said.

Ultimately, the commission decided 6-1 to renew Racon’s contract at a reduced price. Mims cast the single no vote.

“That many hits on the Web site — we’ve got to keep it,” said Commissioner Allen Caton.

The site will cost Chilton County $1,799 this year, less than the $2,279 charged last year.

In addition to the county’s site, Racon also maintains three additional sites for the county, including ones for the sheriff’s office, Higgins Ferry Park and Minooka Park.