Come prepared, not frustrated

Published 12:29 am Saturday, November 7, 2009

We can all do our part to make things easier for both ourselves and others. A big part of this is individual responsibility and preparedness.

In these difficult economic times, there is more work to be done and less people to do it. Because of this, there tend to be longer lines and more frustration.

But we should realize that it’s not the person behind the counter’s fault that we’re standing in a long line, or that it’s taking a long time. Often, it’s because we neglected to do something that could have made it less painful.

The Chilton County Tax Collector’s Office and Department of Motor Vehicles is trying to make things easier on the taxpayer. Property taxes and vehicle license and registration can now be paid for online via credit card. The office also accepts credit and debit cards in person.

The use of technology can save people time, paper, gas and money. We are glad to see our county departments making important advances in technology.

Of course, we realize that many people do not own computers or do not consider themselves “computer literate.” That’s where preparedness comes in. Instead of relying on reminders to remember when important taxes and bills are due, look on documents such as your car tag or registration. The due dates are with you all the time, so there’s no excuse for being late.

By writing down information such as vehicle tag numbers prior to visiting the office, you can make it easier on both yourself and the clerk.

While not everyone may be able to pay their bills right away, procrastination only goes so far.

If you do find yourself waiting in line, some patience and a little common courtesy go a long way.