Working like a dog

Published 8:44 pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

J.R. is one of Mims Marine’s most valuable employees. He almost never misses a day, and his work is always right on the nose.

The 8-year-old English bulldog has been coming to work every day at Mims since he was just a puppy.

“He pouts when he doesn’t get to come to work,” said Kendra Hayes, the dog’s owner.

Hayes is the daughter of Boonie Mims, who owns the boat dealership, store and shop with his two brothers.

J.R. has become a big draw for Mims. People stop by to check on him, and children love him.

“We had one of our boat delivery drivers come by and say, ‘I want to see that bulldog,” said Hayes.

J.R. definitely has his favorite customers.

“We have several customers that will bring him food,” said Hayes. “He knows who will feed him and who won’t.”

What is J.R.’s favorite snack food? Popcorn chicken and chicken nuggets.

Though he’s been coming to the store since he was 7 weeks old, J.R. knows when to call it a day.

“He knows lunch, and he knows quitting time,” said Hayes. “If we ever have to work late, he knows and starts making his noises.”

Still, for working around boats his entire life, the dog isn’t a real big fan of water.

“He doesn’t like riding in boats, but he loves riding in the car,” Hayes said.

Hayes adopted J.R. from a breeder in Corner near Hayden.

Though his breed his notorious for health problems, J.R. is in good health and hopes to continue working at Mims for years to come, Hayes said.