Our streets are a little safer

Published 8:49 pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

An unsettling number of burglaries and robberies, particularly in Clanton and areas south, has kept local law enforcement agencies busy this summer.

While this week’s arrests won’t solve all the cases, we can breathe a sigh of relief to know that two of those likely responsible for these crimes are behind bars.

It’s never good news when a crime is committed, and we certainly would prefer not to report on teenagers being arrested and charged with crimes. But anyone who is a threat to the public and to themselves needs to be taken off the streets.

The suspects have been arrested and charged in connection with burglaries of homes, burglaries of businesses and armed robberies of local businesses.

A third suspect was arrested for growing marijuana and possessing an unthinkable amount of ammunition as well as drug paraphernalia. The ammunition pictured in the photo on today’s front page shows just a portion of the total amount of items recovered by investigators.

We realize that firearms and ammunition are not dangerous in themselves, but when they are placed in the hands of a criminal, who knows what damage they might do? It’s a relief to know that these items are off the streets.

Kudos to the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department, the Clanton Police Department and any other individuals or agencies that may have assisted in these cases. Now our law enforcement officers can focus their efforts on other crimes that have plagued area residents and businesses this summer.