Training beneficial to all

Published 9:11 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It’s something everyone there hopes and prays never happens. The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office held a mock bank robbery Sunday afternoon at Peoples Southern Bank in downtown Clanton.

Nobody wants to see any of our businesses robbed and lives endangered. However, you never know when such situations will happen, and it is important law enforcement officers and employees to be prepared.

Though just pretend, the situation looked real Sunday to those involved and those passing by.

Standing on the sidewalk off U.S. 31, I had several people stop and ask what was going on the bank. I told everyone what was going on, despite the fact I was standing maybe three feet from a sign that said “sheriff’s office training exercise” or something similar.

It was a little surreal seeing a dark SUV pull off to the bank door and masked men run out with guns (again, fake) drawn.

It kind of makes you wonder what you would do in that situation, heaven forbid.

The advice I overheard sheriff’s deputies telling bank in employees is do whatever the robbers tell you to do … don’t try to play hero.

Bank employees said afterward that the experience served as a wakeup call. Though acting in a sense, they said the robbers were intense and brought some reality to the drill.

It’s important to note though that nobody’s life was ever in danger Sunday. There was no ammunition on that city block or real guns drawn.

Sheriff Kevin Davis and his staff should be commended for their work and being prepared in case the worst does happen.