Police confiscate counterfeit money

Published 8:48 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jemison police uncovered $85 in counterfeit money Sunday during a traffic stop on Chilton County Road 42.

Corey Coggins, 20, of Deatsville, was arrested and charged with counterfeiting in U.S. currency and attempt to commit a controlled substance crime. Arsenio Cuenca Jr., 24, was also arrested and charged with attempt to commit a controlled substance crime. Both are felony charges.

During a search, police found in the vehicle a computer and a printer they believe were used to make the counterfeit $5 and $20 bills.

Jemison Chief of Police Shane Fulmer said at first glance the bills looked legitimate, but several features gave them away.

“All the serial numbers were the same,” Fulmer said. “The coloring was a good bit different.”

Police also believe the two men were planning to purchase narcotics with the money at an unknown location.

To prevent counterfeit bills from entering circulation, Fulmer encourages local businesses to check the money they receive for counterfeit bills.

“Across the entire country as well as in our area in today’s times, counterfeit money seems to be a problem,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer said identifying counterfeit bills can be tricky.

“Nowadays they even generate counterfeit money where you can’t even detect it by the pens,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer said some area businesses have begun using ultraviolet lighting to illuminate a strip inside the newer legitimate bills instead of using counterfeit-detecting pens.

Fulmer said the Jemison Police Department has information packets available about detecting counterfeit money for anyone interested.