Let us hear from you

Published 9:57 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don’t remember what the letter was about, but I remember well whom it was addressed to.

For most of my tenure at the Shelby County Reporter in Columbiana, where I worked before joining The Clanton Advertiser, I was responsible for the opinions page.

I’ve always enjoyed working on the opinion page and consider it one of the most important in the paper. It’s really the only chance we have to have a back-and-forth discussion with our readers, unlike what we do in news, sports and other sections of the paper.

I look forward to having similar discussions with Chilton County readers. One of the best ways to do that is through letters to the editor.

Once a mainstay in newspapers, it seems people are writing about issues they care about less and less. I guess you can chalk it up to the times … people seem to have less time now than ever before.

Plus, newspaper Web sites and other online news sources make writing an old-fashioned letter seem even archaic.

But speaking as a newspaperman, I love getting them and make every effort to run all of them as soon as their authorship and content can be verified.

Back to that letter I mentioned in my opening … Like I said, I don’t remember what the letter to the editor was about, but its address sure gained my attention.

The letter was made out to the Shelby County Reporter’s Department of Human Injustices … that definitely says somebody has been done wrong.

We always encourage letters to the editor here at The Advertiser. You can submit letters electronically through our Web site, clantonadvertiser.com, or e-mail them to newsroom@clantonadvertiser.com. All e-mailed letters must contain the author’s name and telephone number.

Of course, letters can still be mailed to us at P.O. 1379, Clanton, AL 35046.