Rains bring flash floods

Published 8:56 pm Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flash flooding caused several area roads to be temporarily closed Thursday, Chilton County Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Collum said.

The affected roads included Chilton County roads 352, 151, 455, 109, and a portion of 46 from County Road 109 to County Road 73.

Collum stressed that the closings were only temporary.

“It’s the same old places that always flood, but it will go away as soon as the rain stops,” he said.

Several residents had reported portions of dirt roads being washed out, but Collum said this is typical with dirt roads.

“When you have 600-plus miles of dirt roads in the county, it’s going to happen,” he said.

The Chilton Research and Extension Center near Thorsby reported a combined 2.2 inches of rainfall between Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the center, the county received .4 inches of rain Monday and 1.1 inches Tuesday.

From Jan. 1 through May 7, the county received slightly over 28.15 inches of rainfall, compared to 21.7 inches for the same time period in 2008.