Clubs do more than bring in big names

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, May 3, 2009

Over the course of two weeks in April, Chilton County received visits from former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville and current Alabama director of athletics Mal Moore.

I’ve been here for less than three years, but I doubt two bigger names have ever been in town on consecutive weeks. It was big news, and The Clanton Advertiser treated it as such.

If I could go back and add in anything, though, the stories would have focused more on why the organizations that hosted Tuberville and Moore, the Chilton Auburn Club and the Chilton County Chapter of the University of Alabama National Alumni Association, were meeting in the first place: Both clubs are in the process of securing endowed scholarships, which require about $20,000.

“This time next year, we need to be giving away a scholarship,” UA club president Kendall Williams said at the meeting.

It didn’t take nearly that long. Someone at the meeting made a significant contribution shortly thereafter. When they learn of their rivals’ accomplishment, the Auburn club members will surely secure there own endowed scholarship.

This is the good side of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry. Two groups of people showing a tremendous amount of pride in the school they choose to support and using friendly competition as a way to benefit our county and our state.

Let’s enjoy the civility while we can because football season is just around the corner.