Two little, three little indians

Published 8:27 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jack Willis and Indian Creek Motorcycle Club hosted Round 3 of the 2009 Southern Enduro Riders Association Harescramble Championship Series at Cross Bones Motocross Park in Billingsley on the weekend of April 18-19.

On Saturday afternoon, the Kids raced with several local guys, tackling the course and doing quite well.

The Beginner Pee Wees raced for 20 minutes on a 1.5-mile course, and Grayson Davis and Cade Holder claimed second and third, respectively.

The Pee Wees had the biggest class of the day and raced on the same 1.5-mile course for 20 minutes. Connor Barrett took the lead about midway through but crashed right after the scoring area and would still finish a strong third. Ethan Gregg, Austin Anz and Trent Huff would finish fifth, sixth and eighth on the day.

The Intermediate Kids and Vet Kids would race for 45 minutes on a 3.5-mile course, making five and six laps, respectively. Kyler Godwin ran away with the win in Int. kids with Ryan Gilbert and Jackson Davis claiming fourth and fifth.

Davis ran in third until midway through the last lap, when he had a mishap on a hill that caused him some trouble. Micah Williams rode hard to a win in Vet Kids followed closely by Neal Ousley for second.

Sunday morning at 10, the a.m. race got things started for the day with the Juniors first to fire up the motors and hit the motocross track right off the start. If the race had been for four laps instead of five, Jacob Davis would have had the overall position easily. However, on the last lap, Davis was reeled in and passed.

Davis didn’t give up, though, and was still trying to make the pass he needed for the win just before the scoring tent. Davis would finish second, Jared White fifth, Neal Ousley sixth and Beau Burnett—fresh off of a broken collar bone—eighth. In the Open C class, Frank Reynolds finished in fifth place.

Several classes had tight races for the entire course of the day. One class that was not so close was the AA guys, with Cliff Ousley taking the holeshot and never relinquishing the lead. He finished a full 4:22 ahead of second overall Kyle Henderson.

Frank Davis held on to second overall until the last lap, when Henderson made the pass, and Davis would claim the final podium position in third.

Dustin Stevens and Will McConnell had good days to take home fourth and ninth overall, respectively. The Open A class had several lead changes throughout the course of the race with the guys just seconds apart for most of the day.

Tyler Carter and Jordyn Dubose were neck and neck until Carter got stuck and dropped back quite a bit.

Mark Lewis would claim first in class with Dubose second, Carter fourth and Bryan Petty fifth.

The Lites A class had Taylor Miller, a young lady, claiming the holeshot and taking to the woods section first. By the end of the first lap, Kevin DeLoach had the lead with Chris McMillan close behind. DeLoach and McMillan swapped leads several times over the five-lap event.

McMillan was able to complete the race without pitting for gas, and that helped secure a win. DeLoach had to pit, and his crew had some problems, causing him to lose ground. McMillan would claim the win, and DeLoach would finish in second. Miller came in fifth. Phillip McMillan, Chris’s dad, added another first place trophy to his collection as he aced the Golden Masters class.

Adrian Gervais and Glenn Hollingshead claimed first and third in the Vet A class. Ted Anz and John Huggins had a good race with Anz taking the lead and hanging on for the win with Huggins claiming second. Jonathon Seales won fourth in Lites B with Will Gilbert and Burton Huff getting fifth and seventh in the Senior class.