Anonymous tipster’s action disappointing

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear editor,

I retired from the Chilton County education system about five years ago with 28 years service. I have always been proud of my profession and can honestly say that the vast majority of the teachers with whom I came into contact during my tenure went far beyond what might have been expected in the course of their duties. I suppose that is why last week’s news came as such a surprise and disappointment to me.

My daughter, Jaime, teaches at Chilton County High School, and her principal asked her to organize activities for this year’s Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. Jaime is involved in other student activities, has two young children at home and possesses little or no free time. Despite this, she wanted this year’s Relay activities to be successful and profitable for the charity—not only because her principal charged her with doing a good job but also because of what cancer has done to our family: Jaime’s maternal grandmother, aunt and paternal grandfather all died of cancer.

On Feb. 9, Jaime sent an e-mail to all CCHS faculty members outlining the activities she was proposing in order to raise money for this worthy cause. Just two days later, she found herself called to the assistant principal’s office to take a phone call from the head of our local Child Nutrition Program, who told her that the school had been reported to the state Department of Education by an anonymous individual for some of the activities she had proposed.

Needless to say, Jaime was quite upset.

I was quite pleased to be informed that the CCHS administration and most of the faculty members have vowed that they will find other ways to help the American Cancer Society reach (or exceed) their original goal.

This entire situation has also made me more conscious of my own efforts on behalf of this noble work. I sincerely ask that everyone even remotely associated with Chilton County High School give whatever they can. Fighting cancer for many is far more important than my own disappointment in the actions of a single individual.

– Barbara A. Baker