Amber Armstrong, Verbena School

Published 10:34 pm Thursday, February 19, 2009

Math class doesn’t bore Amber Armstrong. It is her favorite subject at Verbena because she likes to take on the difficult problems.

“I just like long problems. I don’t know why,” she said.

The Florida native has found a home at Verbena, where she plays post on the junior high basketball team. For Armstrong, the basketball court is one place where she can forget about reality for a while.

“I’ve always liked [basketball],” she said. “But we’ve been moving a lot, so this is the first year I actually got to play.”

Armstrong’s hidden talent is singing, though she usually just sings karaoke with her family. She likes country music, and one of her favorite artists is LeAnn Rimes.

In her spare time, she plays paintball with her cousins and uncles.

“I can kick their butt,” she laughed.

After high school, Armstrong wants to either be a teacher or pursue a law degree. The latter is an idea she got from her grandmother.

“She said I argue a lot and that I would probably get it,” she said.

Her college of choice is the University of Alabama, where, of course, she wants to play basketball.

Armstrong is the daughter of Amy and Billy Dispennette and has a younger brother, Dylan, and a younger sister, Emma.