Real Life Training

Published 7:15 pm Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Clanton and the East Chilton fire departments held a dual training yesterday at an abandoned home on Crowson Road in Clanton.

The two departments trained their members on how to attack house fires in a controlled setting. At the end of the training, the fire officials burned the home.

Clanton Fire Chief David Driver said the department is required to have trainings with neighboring departments to help improve ISO ratings.

This house is located near the Chilton County Airport. It is located within the runway protection zone. It is being demolished along with the trees on that property to help the airport draw closer to being able to use the full 4,000 feet of runway.

Since the home was going to be destroyed, the fire department used the home to train their firefighters before they burned the home.

Numerous firefighters from both departments showed up yesterday morning for the exercise.