JHS stadium fundraiser needs a boost

Published 8:56 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Jemison High School is extending its coupon book sale to fund improvements to the school’s athletic facilities.

The books, which are $20 apiece, include coupons to many popular restaurants and other businesses in the Birmingham Metro area.

The sale is being extended through Feb. 13.

“Jemison High School needs your support,” Principal Alan Thompson said. “I am very disappointed with the support of our coupon book sale. I understand the tough economic times we are in, that is why we decided on this fundraiser because it would benefit the school without taking any money from the community’s pockets.”

Thompson said if the coupon books are used, they could save families hundreds of dollars in the long run. The books are valid throughout the entire year of 2009.

“When I arrived at Jemison High School, the most asked question was ‘What are you going to do to improve our athletic facilities?’” he said. “We have a plan in place to upgrade our facilities. We need the community’s help to do this.”

With the funds raised from the sale, the school hopes to accomplish the following:

Replace/repair fencing on stadium grounds

Replace cracked and broken blocks in stadium seating area

Repair cracks in seating area

Put a poly-seal coating on entire seating area to resist weather and prevent further damage

Replace fencing and safety rails on home side, add safety rails and fencing to visitor side

Replace restroom fixtures and add a 2” water line to allow for commercial fixtures

Add restroom doors to allow use for baseball field.

The coupon books are available from the school office or from any Jemison High School student.

“If you have visited our stadium, you know that our restrooms are in dire need of repair as well as our bleachers,” Thompson said. “Let’s make our athletic facilities something we can be proud of. When visiting teams come to our stadium, this is the impression they get of Jemison. Let’s change that image.”

The school office may be reached at 280-4860.