Maplesville council working on finances

Published 9:24 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MAPLESVILLE – Members of the Maplesville Town council are still doing what they can to save money and repay their debts. The council plans to hold a special meeting on Jan. 27 to discuss further actions it can take to help with its financial situation.

The council approved bids for the 1998 Ford Crown Victoria and the 2004 Ford Crown Victoria that were placed up for bids last month. The 1998 Ford was set for a minimum bid of $200, and the 2004 Ford was set for a minimum bid of $1,200. Brandon Morrow was approved to purchase the older vehicle for a bid of $300. Rex Epperson was approved to purchase the 2004 Crown Vic for a bid of $1,225.

In other business, the council:

Approved the Maplesville Fire Department to purchase needed equipment for its fire trucks with an equipment grant the fire department received.

Approved to renew an equipment agreement between the town and the state Forestry Department.

Accepted the resignation of Police Officer Jimmy Crowe.

Allowed town employees to observe President’s Day as a holiday.

Agreed to turn down the latest sidewalk and street lighting grant.

Mayor Kurt Wallace said the important thing for councilmembers to keep in mind right now is the town’s financial situation.

“Over the years, we have gotten into a little debt, and now we are going to have to keep working toward eliminating that debt,” he said.

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