Giving: Reason for season

Published 8:18 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Many families in our community are in need of help this Christmas. For some, the thought of buying Christmas gifts is the last thing on their minds.

During this season, there are things that come before the gifts, including food, electricity, running water and a roof over their head. Though there have been many programs that people could join this year to make sure they get Christmas for their families, many have been turned down due to the amount of donations that have been brought in from the community.

To help all of the kids in their school have a good Christmas, Jemison Middle School teachers and students have been working on a special project. The office crew and other members of the faculty organized an angel tree that was placed in the school’s office.

Teachers and students were then given the opportunity to participate in buying Christmas presents for five families within the school that would otherwise not be able to celebrate Christmas.

The office employees of Jemison Middle said they were surprised at the amount of participation they have had from the students.

Along with the angel tree, the faculty are auctioning off a tiger and an elephant floor figure that was donated by Claude “Bubba” Arrington.

Chances were sold for a dollar with all of the proceeds going toward the angel tree fund.

The school will be drawing the names today for the winners of the figures.