It’s not a good time to be…

Published 12:59 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LeBron James. Can I just say that the stupidest thing in the world is trying to project where a player under contract will be in two years?

I can? OK, good. The stupidest thing in the world is trying to project where a player under contract will be in two years.

Everyone and their grandmother is saying this guy will be playing for the New York Knicks in 2010.

A lot of things could happen between now and then. He could be dead for all we know. Do you really want a deceased guy to have a $20 million spot on your roster? Personally, it wouldn’t be the way I would go.

For now, let’s just all assume that the Cleveland Cavaliers will use the Boston Celtics model and overspend on talent for a championship in hopes that James will want to remain in the Midwest for the rest of his life.

No, he’ll be in the Big Apple. What? A fella can change his mind.

Today on “The List,” we’ll also find out why it’s a bad time to be …

5. President of the United States. Personality differences aside, we should all feel for the person taking over after Dubya. This is like walking into a nightmare. Speaking of big messes to clean up…

4. A Hoosier. Way to go, Kelvin Sampson. The best mess to make is always the one someone else has to clean up, I always say. Sampson, an assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks, is far removed from the banned phone calls he made to recruits while head coach at Indiana. But that didn’t stop the NCCA from slapping a three-year probation on the program.

3. A Notre Dame football fan. Is Charlie Weis officially the worst coach in college football? Top recruiting classes the last two years have led to nine wins in that same span. Not exactly getting it done for one of the country’s most storied programs. But at least it’s good golfing weather.

2. Michael Vick. I hear he’s running and working out. It’s good to see he’s acclimating well to prison life.

1. In the AFC East. No Tom Brady, and the Patriots are still in second place. The Dolphins are the best-kept secret in the league. Buffalo is scary but not consistent, and Brett Favre has given the Jets all they wanted and more. Hope no one is taking bets on the division champion.