Board needs more input

Published 10:24 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The members of a relatively young Chilton County Park Board seem to be frustrated with the way the county’s parks are currently governed.

While the board’s chairman, Carl Headley, commended park administrators Monday night as he addressed the Chilton County Commission, he also said the park board does not have enough input.

Headley proposed requiring park officials to present their requests to the board rather than the commission, and then the board would make recommendations to the commission. He added that the board could research these issues and ensure taxpayers’ money is being spent wisely.

That sounds like a good idea. Giving the board a more integral role in the park system would bring more checks and balances to our county.

At the same time, commissioners’ concerns are legitimate. The commission should have the final say, and park managers and rangers should still be able to have direct contact with the commission.

We hope the commission and board can come up with a system that’s fair to all.