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Hwy. 22-CR 37 needs a light

Dear Editor,

I am writing in concern to the caution light on Highway 22. My friends and I believe that there needs to be a red light at that intersection because of the accidents that have occurred in the past. If you are coming from Highway 37 crossing over Highway 22, there is a blind spot and you cannot see if another car is coming or not. You have to “take your life into your own hands,” so to speak, to make it across.

I believe this is a very serious issue and needs to be recognized. I have heard of number of accidents that have occurred at that very intersection since I have moved to Clanton in 1999.

Most of the people I have heard it from go to my church and school. I don’t know if this certain issue has been addressed before, but I believe it needs to be addressed until something is done about it.

I might be a little overzealous about this whole situation, but I just believe it is a very serious issue. Here is an example of what I have experienced at that intersection. I will be crossing that intersection. I’ll look once and won’t see a car coming. However, I look again, and if I had gone based on my first look, I would have been hit by another car.

I just believe you have to be a little more cautious than necessary when crossing that intersection. It would be nice if the town addressed this issue and did something about it. I understand that there is a lot of work involved, but I think in the long run it will pay off. I believe we will have fewer accidents and also it will teach people to slow down on that highway. I hope that the county at least takes concern in this issue and thinks about what they can do about it.

– Tommy Smith, Clanton