County to revamp its Web site

Published 11:10 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

A different company will start maintaining Chilton County’s Web site,, in the near future.

The County Commission voted Monday night to enter into an agreement with Racon Marketing, who will completely redesign the site from scratch.

For the full amount of $2,279.40 – roughly $190 per month – Racon will provide site maintenance and sell advertising on the site for one year.

“The site is very basic and very plain, and there’s not a lot of information on it,” Commission chairman Allen Caton said.

Ever since the site’s inception, it has been maintained in-house by the county’s Information Systems Department at a monthly rate of $225. has two sister sites that contain specific information about Minooka Park and Higgins Ferry Park. The main site contains information on all county departments.

The new plan will combine information on all three sites into one site, and the County Commission will have input on the site’s design and content.

In other business, commissioners reported positively on the paving of County Road 547 in southeast Chilton County. Commissioner Allen Wyatt asked Engineer Tony Wearren about his decision to pave several connecting roads, and Wearren explained that by paving all the roads at one time, the Road Department would save maintenance costs.

The $35,000 to pave the adjoining roads, Wearren said, would come out of the 5-cent gasoline fund.

“Since I’ve been here, we’ve never had an engineer to pave a road, so I’m not griping,” Commissioner Joe Headley said.

“I’m glad they were paved,” Tim Mims said, adding he wanted to be sure the $6 million bond issue was split evenly throughout the county.

Upon Wearren’s recommendation, the commission voted to reduce the speed limit on 547 to 35 mph.

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