The power of addictions

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After becoming a parent, I realized just how many things are extremely addicting and time consuming. I am sure that some things may sound funny when you say things like I am addicted to food or I am addicted to exercise. When it comes down to it though you can be addicted to almost everything including smells and even visual effects.

A few of my addictions that I noticed after I didn’t have time for them anymore were having a clean house, surfing the Internet and cooking. I have not had to fully give up my addictions, but I have had to limit the time that I spend doing any one of these things, and that has caused great withdrawals.

I have had to learn how to spend the extra quiet time that I have now doing all three of my addictions. More often than not, I end up just getting to complete one task at a time causing a great loss of sleep, another addiction of mine.

After learning to deal with my new timeline for completing tasks between feedings and diaper changes, I started understanding what people mean when they talk about going through withdrawals for things like caffeine. Once you get used to something, it is hard to dramatically change your routine.

I can most definitely feel the pain that people go through when they are forced to make changes in their life. I feel sorry for people who have serious addictions to things like drugs. If it is hard for me to cope with losing just a portion of my addictions, then I know it must be deathly hard for someone to give up something they are not only addicted to but also dependent upon. Think about that the next time you notice yourself complaining about a simple addiction of your own.