Amendment to limit cats needed

Published 10:06 pm Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Clanton City Council got it right at its meeting on Oct. 13 when it passed an amendment to the city’s animal control ordinance that will make it illegal for anyone to house more than four adult cats.

Sounds silly, but this kind of thing can really become a problem. City officials have recalled occasions where 20 to 30 cats have been in a home at the same time. One can imagine the smell such a situation would produce. Neighbors can be inconvenienced by underfed felines looking for a meal. An uncontrolled pet population also creates health risks.

Of course, the city’s animal control officer won’t be peering through windows with high-powered binoculars or employing heat-sensing technology – he won’t even be knocking on doors – but the amendment is still good to have on the books.

Problems always arise, and we need to have a way to correct them.