Getting up to speed

Published 10:30 pm Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Convenience is the name of the game when you’re talking technology. And the more options you give people, the more time you will save. And in the long run, time is money.

Some city and county offices are starting to offer more convenient ways for customers to pay their bills. The Chilton County Tax Collector’s Office is offering online payment options, while the City of Jemison soon will be able to swipe customers’ credit or debit cards at City Hall.

Not everyone has a personal computer, but those who do can pay their property taxes, vehicle tag fees and other transactions handled by the Tax Collector’s Office without having to set foot in an office or wait in line.

This not only saves paperwork but also saves gas and cuts down on foot traffic at the courthouse.

Customers who pay their utility bills at Jemison City Hall can now carry less cash or avoid the time and cost incurred by writing a check. Most people don’t carry a large amount of cash anyway because it’s so much easier to pay bills electronically.

Those who take advantage of these features, as well as the office workers, will enjoy a slightly easier life because of them.

It’s good to know that our local offices are catching up with the times. Hopefully, more of them will follow suit.

For more information about the Chilton County Tax Collector’s office, visit or call 280-7228 for assistance with the site. For more information about the City of Jemison, visit or call 688-4491 or 688-4492, or contact your town office and ask about payment options.