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New water rates take effect Oct. 1

THORSBY – Everyone’s water rates in the Town of Thorsby will be going up $2 beginning next month.

Recently, The Thorsby Town Council approved the increase that was recommended by the town’s engineer, Calvin Cassidy.

“The town needs the additional revenue to keep up with the cost of chemicals and maintenance of the water treatment plant,” Mayor Tom Bentley said. “It was recommended by our engineer, and the council followed those guidelines.”

Bentley said there has been confusion about whether the rate increase applied to everyone.

“Everybody’s rate is going up $2 a month,” Bentley said. “It doesn’t just apply to the minimum water bill.”

That means Thorsby’s minimum water bill will increase from $10 to $12 each month, but it doesn’t stop there.

“If you paid $37 for water this month, then you will pay $39 for the same amount of water next month,” he said.

However, the rate per gallon of water used did not change.

Along with increasing water rates for the town’s customers, Thorsby is also raising rates for the water it supplies to the City of Jemison.