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Program looks at topics of death

When Lowell C. Smith began his training as a naval aviator in 1954, he was surprised when the base personnel officer handed him a will.

Just over a year later, after losing two of his good friends and literally breaking his back in separate accidents, he began to change his way of thinking.

“These people were very good aviators,” Smith said. “I’m not immortal. I started thinking about protecting my family.”

Smith hopes to help make others aware of the one thing people don’t want to think about – death – in a series of upcoming workshops at Trinity Episcopal Church in Clanton.

“There is a lot an individual can do to make the task of the family easier when they die,” he said.

The workshops begin tomorrow and last through Oct. 12, every Sunday morning from 9:15 to no later than 10:15, at the church on Second Avenue South.

In the first workshop, Smith will give an overview of the entire program. The second week will focus on the area of hospice.

Local attorney Amy Hayes Naylor will host the third workshop and will focus on legal issues surrounding the death of an individual.

Father William King will host week four, focusing on spiritual issues, and week five will cover any lingering questions of attendees.

The workshops are open to the community at no cost.

–Scott Mims can be reached at scott.mims@clantonadvertiser.com.