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Teen poll workers, a singing nurse and death

Scanning the news this week I found several items worth my rambling. It’s election time and that means we will need poll workers come November. People are starting to look to the younger generation to fill these gaps.

We are all used to seeing those familiar faces every time we go vote. But considering that the average poll worker age is 72, someone will eventually have to fill their shoes. This means we have to motivate younger people to get interested in political process.

“Rock the Polls: Become a Poll Worker Today,” states one calendar from the Montgomery County Election Center and Auburn Montgomery, aimed at older teenagers and those in their 20s.

At least this is not near as scary as lowering the driving age.

My solution to the nursing shortage

I read recently about a nurse who sings to her patients. She does it to comfort them, and I think this is great. Attitude has a lot to do with physical recovery, I believe, and this could really lift people’s spirits.

One problem connected with the predicted nursing shortage is the image of nursing as a profession. I started thinking, why not teach all nurses to sing? It would greatly improve the image of this profession and could help curb a nationwide shortage.

It’s food for thought; just no hospital food, please.

Live like you were dying

There is another popular Christian program in the vein of “40 Days of Purpose” although I like this one much better. It’s called “One Month to Live” and asks participants to consider what they would do differently if they knew they had exactly 30 days left to live.

If we were all in this boat, just think of the positive things we could do to help others. We would really want to make an impact in the world. The ironic thing is, we are not guaranteed another minute.

Just spare me the Tim McGraw. The last thing I need is a country song telling me how to live.