Rain, rain go away …

Published 7:16 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It is amazing to me to see just how quickly things can change in the world of weather. One month ago, we needed all the rainfall we could get. Now, it seems like many folks I talk to want the rain to go away because it seems like we’ve gotten more rain than we can imagine over the last few weeks.

However, I’m glad that we are getting the rain we have received and will continue to receive over the next few weeks. Ever since Tropical Storm Fay paid us a visit for a few days last month, we’ve had a good bit of rain ever since.

In Alabama, we are supposed to get an inch of rain a week since our yearly rainfall is about 52 inches. While we never get the rain all distributed throughout the year evenly, it does tend to average out to that number.

Some months are typically wetter than others, i.e. March through May, and other months like September through November are typically drier. There are years that it works out that way. Other years, we’ll have an extremely dry March and very wet October. It’s impossible for anyone to predict. Not even the meteorologist or climatologists can predict that.

This year, it was still averaging out to be a little drier than normal until Fay got us caught back up, but our three-year average is still down. The good thing about this is that our lakes across the state are closer to normal levels than we have seen in a long time. I guess we are finally going to get out of being in a drought at all, and that will be good for next year’s crops.

I hope our farmers and cattlemen will have a good, productive year in 2009. This rain has probably saved us this year especially with the cattle. Hopefully, cattlemen will get at least get enough hay to last the winter and spring.

I guess the old adage that says “When it rains, it pours” is true. We’re just in a wet cycle right now. If you don’t like it right now, then just wait a few weeks because it will change.