What’s the real ‘truth’ in politics?

Published 10:32 pm Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Editor,

Someone recently told me to go to a certain TV network’s Web site and I would read the “truth” about John McCain’s plans if he becomes president. This person was bashing the McCain/Palin ticket. I don’t need to go to a Web site to read someone else’s opinion or perception about what McCain, Palin, Obama, or Biden are saying, or trying to get across in their speeches. The “truth” is (my) interpretation of what the candidates are trying to convey.

Palin hit the nail on the head and knocked the democratic nominees into yesterday. She was powerful, smart, humorous and there is nothing wrong with being forceful and meaning what you say. That’s why I want Palin for vice president. She won’t take any guff and will fight for what I believe in. The lipstick joke was just a joke and it was funny. Those of you who thought it was anything else need to get a life.

I was raised in the military. If John McCain wants to tell his story ten thousand- umpteen times, I will listen with respect and dignity about what he went through to allow me the right and privilege of making my own personal voting decision. Many men and women endured McCain’s pain in one way or another during the decades of fighting to keep our rights and remain a free nation.

I want a freedom fighter as president, one who has the background, experience, and grit to lead a nation to a positive change.

Obama is not ready to lead. He has no military experience, and no leadership experience. Sarah Palin could give Obama a run for the presidency right now. Bottom line – all candidates are going to talk the talk prior to an election, stating that they are going to change things and bring forth a perfect Utopia.

It’s a shame the democrats have been star struck and hypnotized by Hollywood, confetti, and top 40 recording artists. Is this how Obama will spend your money if he becomes president? No thanks. By the way, where did those Styrofoam columns come from?

– Michael Wells, Clanton