Online photo ordering returns soon

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If you’ve missed being able to buy prints of our pictures on the Internet, you won’t be sad for much longer. Soon, you will be able to purchase photos on the “We Spotted” side of our photo Web site, We apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused due to the changeover of Web sites a couple months ago.

I know our previous photo site was one of the most popular things that people looked at. Not only did readers look at our photos, but many times, they would also buy photos from football games, performances and, of course, the Peach Pageants. Unfortunately, with moving to a new Web site in July, we lost the ability short-term to sell photos online.

However, we almost have all the bugs worked out so that you will be able to purchase photos as you are looking at the photos on Spotted.

As far as buying photos, that’s something that won’t change very much. You will just need to click on the picture, and there will be an option to buy the photo. Then, just follow the directions, and then you can place the orders.

One big difference is that you won’t be able to purchase 3×5 photos any more. Now, we will have photos in sizes of 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14. Not only can you purchase the photos by themselves, but you can also purchase the photos already framed in each of these sizes.

In addition to purchasing your regular print photos, you have many other options in ordering photos. You will be able to purchase almost anything from a mouse pad to golf ball with the photo printed on it.

One of the more unusual things that you can buy is a deck of playing cards. Imagine playing a game of rummy, go fish, poker or some other standard card deck game that has your favorite football player on it.

For others, you might want to have your favorite Peach Queen on the front of an apron. Better yet, carry your band member’s picture on the front of a tote bag. Or wouldn’t you want to put together a 252-piece puzzle of your favorite high school team? The possibilities are endless.

I hope everyone will enjoy this new aspect to the site once we get it up and running. Keep reading The Clanton Advertiser so you will know when you can start buying photos again.

– Brent Maze is the managing editor for The Clanton Advertiser. His column appears each Wednesday. He can be contacted at