Meet the candidates

Published 11:07 pm Saturday, August 16, 2008

All three candidates in Thorsby’s mayoral race answered questions in a historic political forum Saturday before a crowd of about 100 in the Thorsby High School auditorium.

The candidates – Tom Bentley, Tracia Bussey and Dearyl Hilyer – answered more than 20 questions ranging in subjects from whether they want to keep the town’s small-town attributes, describing the basics of town government, what their slogans meant, the strengths and weaknesses of the town and even whether they feel they have enough time to devote to being mayor.

Of the questions, 12 were prepared and given to the candidates beforehand to allow them a chance to prepare a response. Eight questions were accepted from audience members asked to all three candidates, and a number of questions were directed to specific candidates.

The questions were asked by four moderators, which came from the Thorsby Student Government Association.

April Moon, event coordinator, said during the forum that its intention was to allow the voters a chance to hear and meet all the candidates at one time.