And the winner is…

Published 4:52 pm Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best sound bite: “They were who we thought they were!” – Dennis Green

The reaction by Jim Mora – not Melvin – to his 2001 Colts’ chances of making the postseason is a favorite for most. But Dennis gets the Georgie because a quote that was probably meant to be profound somehow made him sound like a babbling sixth grader.

Strangest off-field incident: Preseason strip club celebration – Mike Price

Come on, the guy barely has the job, and then he loses it. Despite what he did and didn’t do, no team deserves a coach that is going to put himself in that situation.

Best play-by-play team: Brent Musburger-Dick Vitale

With all respect to Bob Costas and his brilliance, these two guys were the reason I began watching college basketball. And Musburger was the man on the horn for some of the best “I remember when” moments.

Best sideline reporter: Pam Oliver

She single-handedly blew the “Women can’t do this job” theory out the window.

Best desk jockey: Bob Costas (Costas Now)

And don’t forget about the Olympics. The day it’s announced he won’t call the Games anymore is the day I guarantee you I’ll shed a tear. The man made me want to get into this business.

Most embarrassing moment: Homer off the head – Jose Canseco

How were there only two entries in this category (Charles Barkley vs. NBA ref Dick Bavetta)?

Best David vs. Goliath moment: New York Jets beat Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl III

Joe Namath is the godfather of the school of “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.” And he cost some folks a lot of money.

Best throwback uniform: Dallas Cowboys

Tell me those big stars hanging off their shoulders don’t make you want to get out there and hit somebody yourself.

Best AARP performance: Nolan Ryan throws sixth and seventh no-hitters (Ages: 43 and 44)

From what I hear, the only performance enhancement was pure disdain for anyone that tried to get a hit off him.

Best fans: Green Bay Packers

You can’t beat people who sit through four hours of freezing cold weather and leave season tickets in their wills.

Best college rivalry: North Carolina-Duke (basketball)

Arguments, anyone?

Best pro rivalry: Red Sox-Yankees

No one is allowed to argue with this one, actually.